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Alliancewide GP Push Empty Alliancewide GP Push

Post by Xealo on Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:34 pm

Given our recent rise to the top five alliance in the game, I think it's time for a GP push. The rules of a GP push are as follows: You will have 1 week to reach a certain GP based on your population tier. This will serve to push up our GP as an alliance to further climb the leaderboards, but also has the underlying purpose of preventing rushed population growth.

Tier 1: 500
Tier 2: 1,200
Tier 3: 5,400
Tier 4: 12,000
Tier 5: 24,000
Tier 6: 32,000
Tier 7: 55,000
Tier 8: 100,000

To all who do not meet their respective quota for their population tier must reach the quota by 12/11/15 US time. If you have an issue with this and cannot meet the quota in the amount of time, then contact me. If any higher ups disagree with this plan please contact me. If someone could put this into an alliance message (OR GIVE ME THE POWERS TO) that is needed.


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